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My Dear Friends,

Many of you are already aware of the various projects WIV support to bring some warmth and smiles to those who really need it. We are working closely with several foundations to reach the front lines where I know the money we raise through the products and services WIV sell go directly into the project as oppose to nameless and faceless organisations that keep ringing you for donations.

I am writing to you because I need your help to finish this project we are working on at present. My darling friend Marcus Mc Gilvray has dedicated his life into setting up Africaid.Org. Its primary focus was to build youth friendly sexual and reproductive health clinics in impoverished areas with limited health facilities in Africa. The clinics have been running successfully since 2003 saving the lives of over 15,000 children who would have otherwise been infected by the HIV virus. You will be a part of this effort to save lives.

Marcus went on to set up WhizzKids United (WKU) and began work in Northern Ghana in 2002 with the building of a Youth Clinic which has worked with 40,000 youths in the last fifteen years.

Last year we began building a WKU Health Academy which adjoins the clinic and will provide much needed health, education and empowerment programmes for disadvantaged youth.

This model, developed and successfully delivered by WKU, will provide services for orphans and vulnerable children including a meal a day, sexual and reproductive health services, counselling and testing, homework club, study area, vocational training and recreational activities.

WKU is equally committed to developing the Academy to be self-sustaining and as such will provide building hire for conferences, weddings etc and will also include a cafe and regular film screening. We hope to empower and up lift the community as a whole through the Academy and create a fully self-funding Academy model which can be replicated.

Please circulate this amongst your friends and people of influence who can help in some way to finish building this Academy.

Below some pictures from the Build.. We are nearly at the finish line.. The work has currently been stopped due to the lack of funds. I really need you to help me finish this so we can give these kids a fighting chance to become the leaders and entrepreneurs and great innovators and inventors of tomorrow..

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Always yours unconditionally..