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Above photograph shows Marcus Mcgilvray working on the New Health Centre in Ghana.... for further updates

We have always been a profitable and successful business  with the emphasis on good management practices and careful planning.
However, we have never been solely profit orientated nor have we chased the bottom line. Our focus has always been to take what we
need from our profits to grow and develop the business whilst a good portion of our profits go directly into helping those less fortunate.
Call it our mission to make the world smile or bring some warmth to those in the harshest of Winters..

We support the following list and you can be a part of this initiative by getting involved. Please email us at
or click on the links directly below if you wish to donate towards these charities.

Every little helps make a big difference to the lives of the children and people benefiting from your support.

Please click on the Charities that we support should you wish to find out more, donate or work with us to help make a difference.