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French Linen Twin Pots

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Our Gorgeous French Linen Twin Pail is filled with an array of treats ideal for gardeners and non-gardeners alike. It is also ideal to plant herbs in and sits beautifully on your windowsill.
White crisp linen sheets hang from the line baked to perfection by the afternoon sun. The air is warm and it is so late in the afternoon. The heat is gloriously hypnotic making you want to drift in and out of sleep. You are on the veranda of a yellow-ochre stoned villa nestled between Vienne and Valance… we are in the heart of Provence. The olive groves, lavender fields and thyme borders lap up the golden red sunshine. You walk barefooted towards the long washing lines enjoying the cool soft grass under your feet. A woven hat provides an inviting shade as you look up to a clear blue sky and absorb its majesty. The scent of fresh linen hangs in the air. Clean, crisp but uniquely comforting – the sensation of freshly laundered sheets and wiggling your toes against them in the mornings…
Our French Linen collection is a gorgeous range that includes a versatile twin plant pot, a 3Ltr watering can and a cute single planter all complete with a generous combination of luxurious toiletries and bath accessories. Each set includes a pair of gardening gloves that are worth fifteen pounds on their own and a high quality Beech wood body/nail brush.
Milk Thistle is known for its calming and soothing properties. This truly is a fresh and calming scent ideal for cooling down after a hot summer’s day in the garden or merely unwinding in a bath after a hard day at the office. It encapsulates glorious Provence with subtle floral notes added to create an escape from life's relentless pursuits.
  • French Linen Twin Pail
  • French Linen Twin Pail
  • French Linen Twin Pots

Set Includes:

  • Reusable Twins Pots with Handle
  • 300ml Hand Wash
  • 300ml Bath Soak
  • 300ml Body Lotion
  • 180ml Body Scrub
  • Bath Soap 140g
  • Exfoliating Sisal Pad
  • Pair of Gardening Gloves Size M
  • Beach Wooden Nail brush
  • Mini Shovel
  • Mini Rake
Product Code: WIV13CRFLTP
Colour: Duck Egg Blue
AMZ BrowseNode1: 3091975031
Fragrance Collection: Milk Thistle
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