IT Feels Good To Give"

Our founder and managing director Ermila Curtis (Mel) set up "Winter in Venice" over nine years ago in her pursuit to capture the very essence of the human heart. The ability to give wholeheartedly and love unconditionally - the true art of living

"Winter in Venice".. Sounds very romantic you would say or awfully cold. Ether way it creates a moment.

The more you know about our products, our spirit, and the reasons behind why we make them, you will see that we are trying to capture these moments and make them l last forever.

A subtle scent, a reminder, a sentiment, a token... All subliminal triggers that take us back in time to when we felt most loved, most nurtured, treasured and truly adored. It is why have gone into great lengths to make our gifting experience last forever by placing our luxurious toiletries in clever packaging such as watering cans, hat boxes, or jewellery boxes which are constant reminders of those special moments every time you use them.

The Mission To Make The World Smile

Winter in Venice is designed to give back not just to our customers but also to the people involved in making all this come together. how you might ask.. Well in every product we make over 2000 people benefit from what we do. In every product we sell nearly a third of our profits go directly to fund charities all over the world. We never talk about this openly because it has always been Ermila's little secret as a great portion of her own her perosnal income goes into helping charities close to her heart.

If people knew..., they will help more or so we were told... So now through our website you can directly to our charities that help create comfortto those who really need it. We don't handle these donations ourselves so you will be donating directly to the Charities that our most important to us

The People Who Make It Happen The WIV Family

If ever you see a tortoise on top of a fence you can guarantee that it never got their on its own.. Each member fo our team understands our mission and contributes intricately to how we create and make products. We work like a pack of wolves says Ermila. Each of us taking turns to lead the pack thus taking care of each other as a family would.

Whilst we ensure we abide by good manufacturing practices we don't all clamour in suites and have long board meetings. Traditional corporate methods don't work well for us. We do things very differently. it's why we create such a difference.

When you stop chasing profits and focus on creating 'The Experience' the profits come hand in handd with delivering great products and exceptional customer service. It's why enjoy over 90% repeat customer purchase.

Winter In Venice Team

"There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals."

Mel Oshadhi Dinushka Michael Bear Alex Jon David James Steve Lyn Jim Sonia Lizzy Martin