'It feels good to give'... said our founder and managing director Ermila Curtis. She set up Winter in Venice over nine years ago in our her pursuit to capture the very essence fo the human heart. The ability to give wholeheartedly and love unconditionally. She calls this the true art of living.

"Winter in Venice".. Sounds very romantic you would say or awfully cold. Ether way it creates a moment. A moment in tiime that you want to capture and keep forever. A memory that is comforting and moments don't need to fade. They can last forever.. Time stays still. This is what we want our gift sets to deliver...

A subtle scent, a reminder, a sentiment, a token... All subliminal triggers that take us back in time to when we felt most loved, most nurtured, treasured and truly adored. It is why have gone into great lengths to make our gifting experience last forever by creating reusable packaging and filling each gift with an abundance luxurious quality toiletries and accessories at unbelievably good prices.

The generosity of our company and the people who make this happen permeates in to our products and how we run ‘Winter in Venice’. Whilst we ensure strict codes of conduct and good manufacturing practices, we don’t all clamber in suites and have long board meetings. We never need project managers or apply traditional corporate methods that run most companies. We do things differently. It’s why we create such a difference. When you stop chasing profits and focus on creating the experience ‘a good one’ then the profits come hand in hand with delivering great products and exceptional customer service. It’s why we enjoy over 90% repeat customer purchase. And if that wasn’t enough of an incentive we get excited about finding ways to give it back to those who need the most comfort and support. It’s why we get out of bed in the morning. None of us ever did it for the money. Our Founder insists that this culture runs through not just our company but the companies, sub suppliers and service providers we work with. We only work with good people says Ermila. What is like attracts like.


In our penny jar the amount of times our customers question why we sell our products so cheaply.

We often get asked ‘what’s wrong with it’ or ‘what’s the catch’.. There is nothing wrong with it. ‘Sometimes it feels good just to give’. This is why we have been so successful in creating gift sets that prolong the moment or experience of the gift by creating reusable packaging and containers that remain long after you have used the toiletries.

Each gift set is designed and hand finished with an abundance of product – we don’t skimp on the luxuries. We are in the business of giving – this is why we are a success. Ermila says we are recession proof. People don’t stop loving and so don’t stop giving so it is our mission to enable the world to truly accentuate and enjoy this feeling. We never felt the recession.


to give back not just to our customer but also to the people involved in making all this come together. How you might ask.. Well in every product we make over 2000 people benefit from what we do. In every product we sell nearly a third of our profits go directly to fund charities over the world. We never talk about this openly because it has always been Ermila little secret as nearly sixty percent of her personal income goes to helping charities close to her heart.

If people knew, they will help more so we were told… So now through our website you can donate directly to our charities that help create comfort to those who really need it. We don’t handle these donations ourselves so you will be donating directly to the Our Charities that our most important to us.

We want our customers to be a part of this spirit of change. You might be sat in front of the mirror applying a luxurious body butter.


the same feeling to a child that has benefited from one of our charities, who also smiles now given the cleft pallet corrective surgery you have enabled us to provide by enjoying our product. .. It is a life changing moment for that individual. Our founder does not see these two contrasting environments as separate: they are inextricably linked. When you smile.. the world smiles.

When you choose a ‘Winter in Venice’ product or gift set you are buying into a spirit of nurturing the world. It is what drives us. Quality has been the forefront of everything we do. We smother each gift set with an abundance of high quality luxurious vitamin infused formations that are paraben free and not tested on animals.

As our founder says, we are not a Corporate but ethical in all we do. We are not a family run business either but honour holds the highest place in how we operate.