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"Making You Feel Pampered, Nourished, and Treasured"

‘Winter in Venice’.. Sounds very romantic you would say or awfully cold. Either way it creates a moment. The more you know about our products, our spirit, and the reasons behind why we make them, you will see that we are trying to capture these moments and make them last forever. A subtle scent, a reminder, a sentiment, a token… All subliminal triggers that take us back in time to when we felt most loved, most nurtured, treasured and truly adored. It is why have gone into great lengths to make our gifting experience last forever by placing our luxurious toiletries in clever packaging such as watering cans, hat boxes, or jewellery boxes which are constant reminders of those special moments and the person who gave you the gift every time you use them. Each gift set is designed and hand finished with an abundance of product – we don’t skimp on the luxuries. We are in the business of giving – this is why we are a success.

Ermila Curtis
“Our gifts create memories that captures, comforts and never fades. This is what we want our gift sets to deliver”

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