Rich Plum Oval Bowl

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Best Seller - It is one gift that is sure to hug you and plant an uncomplicated kiss just when you need it the most.. The perfect gift for no perfect reason but when you need to say as little as possible with as much impact. We promise to deliver all those gorgeous feelings…

Set Includes:
Wooden Oval Bowl
260ml Bubble Bath
260ml Body Lotion
260ml Shower Gel
200g Bath Salts
Sisal Sponge
1 Pair of Slippers
Wooden Body Massager
Wooden Beech Nail Brush
100% Cotton Face Towel
70g Potpourri

The Mood

Feasting is in the air, the long table overflowing with every kind of sin. There is something about the humble plum that triggers a feeling of warmth, like a bristling log fire when snow is settling outside.. It's that festive feeling, a reason to indulge all year round or spoil someone you love for no reason at all.

What's In It

Our Rich Plumb Oval Bowl pays homage to that feeling of sumptuousness one feels when they open this generous gift. It is filled with a collection of vitamin enriched toiletries and bath accessories including a comfy pair of slippers and a hundred percent cotton flannel, a sisal scrubbing pad, a wooden nail brush and body massager. The earthy wooden oval shape bowl with many practical uses , doubles up as a fruit bowl or planter making it an ideal centrepiece for your kitchen work top.


Plum has been known to detoxify and cleanse whilst soothing and nourishing your skin. Our formula is Vegan and paraben free, and includes Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Pro Vitamin B5, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter and Evening Primrose Oil.