Hidden Power Of A Scent

From the moment we are born and laid on our mother’s chest, scent is woven into our DNA – at first instinctive, bonding, then sewn into our memories as we develop and thrive. The weave is so tight we feel scent as an emotion: it nurtures, disarms, excites, makes us yearn for someone. It is devotion, bliss, serenity.

How many times have we breathed in a scent that’s so intoxicating or alluring it stops us in our tracks, catching us off-guard as if we’ve forgotten something and are trying to reach out and mentally grasp it? Other scents that make the tiny hairs tingle up and down your spine for no apparent reason, or ones that plant a huge, soppy smile on your face.

One of the most enticing things about Winter in Venice scents is that they are not overtly feminine or masculine. Some may have the more feminine notes of lavender or rosemary, but they are always balanced - say with the woody earthiness of cedar, transporting you back to memories of childhood playing in forests, or the herb garden at Grandma’s: comforting, uplifting thoughts.

Great pampering is about escapism, it’s almost meditative along similar lines to yoga. Creating a head space that allows your spirit to soar freely and lets your body unwind from the rigours that life can throw at us.

Each scent in our range takes you to a different place: blue bells in the woodlands lit by a pool of light; the sophistication and passion of Paris; the gorgeous heat of Provence; frolicking in the sand dunes; lavender gardens and creature comforts...Some that wrap you in a soft, warm blanket for perfect tranquility, others that give you that ‘hello tiger’ gusto to take on the world.

We have done this by selecting essential oils from herbs and plants that trigger a particular feeling when you smell them, from the ‘get up and go’ zingy citrus of Pink Grapefruit, to the dreamy soft French Linen range with milk thistle extract.

Try our new Classic Blends range - it has the spirit of Winter in Venice: you don’t need to be in a physical place to enjoy a bit of escapism, allow us to take your mind to different places around the world in your imagination. Just close your eyes...

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